Tamm Diamante

Diamante 2/8 - - 75% Acrylic/25% Nylon. Approx 1 lb cones - 2133 yards per cone.  Suggested knitting tension: 5-6 on standard gauge. Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).  A highly resistant novelty yarn with good wear and washability.  Ideal for baby clothes, suits, dresses, skirts and blouses.  $23.95/cone  

To shop: 1) put an X in the box beside all the yarns you wish to purchase; 2) change the number in the quantity box if you want more than one cone of any color;  3) click on the "Put these in my cart" button at the bottom of the page.  (If you have a problem shopping, PLEASE email and let me know)

1901 white Qty
1905 baby yellow Qty
1916 peach Qty
1917 gothic gold Qty
1918 off white Qty
1919 bone Qty
1921 lt brown Qty
1927 chocolate Qty
1928 cedar pass Qty
1930 lt pink Qty
1933 primrose  Qty
1941 cranberry  Qty
1942 hollyhock Qty
1944 red Qty
1949 maroon Qty
1952 royal Qty
1961 purple Qty
1968 lilac; Qty
1970 navy Qty
1975 new aqua Qty
1976 copenhagen Qty
1978 silver laurel Qty
1987 forest green Qty
1988 dk grey Qty
1993 grey flannel Qty
1999  black Qty



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