Tamm Estilo

Estilo 2/14 - 60% Acrylic/40% Nylon.  Approx 1 lb cones - 3670 yards per cone..  Suggested knitting tension: 3-4.5 on standard gauge.  Machine wash, gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry on low heat.  Thin novelty yarn.  Highly resistant.  Good wear and washability.  Suitable for baby knits, blouses and dresses.      

$23.95/cone  Special Rollback Price.....$17.00/cone for any colors not highlighted in grey

To shop: 1) put an X in the box beside all the yarns you wish to purchase; 2) change the number in the quantity box if you want more than one cone of any color;  3) click on the "Put these in my cart" button at the bottom of the page.  (If you have a problem shopping, PLEASE email and let me know)

3101 white Qty
3105 straw Qty
3116 rose Qty
3119 off white Qty
3120 oatmeal Qty
3121 taupe Qty
3126 lt brown Qty
3127 brown Qty
3130  pink Qty
3138 dusty pink Qty
3143 lipstick pink  Qty
3144 red Qty
3146 lilac  Qty
3149 purple Qty
3152 cranberry Qty
3164 heavenly blue Qty
3166 blue Qty
3167 med blue Qty
3168 admiral blue  Qty
3169 sapphire Qty
3170 navy  Qty
3174 bright turquoise Qty
3177 cool mint  Qty
3179 lt ocean teal Qty
3180 ocean teal  Qty
3183 English ivy  Qty
3184 emerald Qty
3190 grey Qty
3194 dk grey Qty
3199 black Qty


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