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Make Your Knitting Machine Sing by Scott Renno     $22.95 

With over 130 photographs for visual reference, this book will teach you how to quickly and easily adjust your knitting machine, ribber, and major accessories for trouble- free knitting.  Although written for Brother/Knitking machines, much of the information applies to all knitting machines.


  Brother/Knitking Needle Presser Bar - Electronic (39.75" long)     $25.00


   Brother/Knitking Needle Presser Bar - Punchcard (40" long)  $25.00


  Brother/Knitking KH&KR230 & KR260 Bulky Needle Presser Bar (43" long)     $30.00


  Brother/Knitking KH260 & KH270 Bulky Needle Presser Bar (47.125" long)     $30.00


  Brother/Knitking KX390/395/400 Sponge Strip (and you can cut to fit KX350) - $19.50



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