Surprise Jacket

This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman hand knit pattern adapted for knitting machines by Alethea Robinson.
The pattern is written for the bulky machine, but there is a worksheet provided which will enable you to chart this sweater for any size and any machine and any yarn that you wish to use.  I knit the instructions as they are on a standard machine and came up with a doll-sized sweater.

Machine: Bulky
Materials: Paton's Canadiana 1 each 100 gram ball main color (MC)
                                             1 each 100 gram ball contrast color (CC)
Size: Toddler - 22" chest
Tension: T6 (or tension to give gauge)
Gauge: 4.5 sts and 5.5 rws = 1"
BO       bind off                                                 K            knit 
COL     carriage on left                                      K#R       knit # rows
COR     carriage on right                                    Ndl(s)    needle(s)

NOTES: 1) When it tells you to "repeat," repeat the section between * and * just previous to the instruction to repeat. 2) You can be creative on your cuffs and edgings. Instructions are for 1x1 ribbing, but you can crochet, or whatever else suits your fancy!

With MC, cast on 36 sts (21 left, 15 right of 0). K 10 rows. COR. Ewrap cast on 6 sts. K 22 rows. 
     Begin miter. Set machine for partial knit. Place all ndls from 5 R to 21 L into hold. K1R.* Place ndl nearest carriage to hold, K2R. COL* Repeat (see Note #1) from * to * until only one ndl remains in work. COL, put last ndl in hold. K1R. COR. *Put ndl nearest carriage into work, K2R.* Repeat until all ndls that have been wrapped are in work. Take machine out of hold. K1R on all ndls. COL.  Place marker on right edge of knitting.
     Set machine for partial knit. Put all ndls from 5L to 21R in hold. K1R. *Put ndl nearest carriage into hold. K2R, COR.* Repeat until only one ndl is in work. Put ndl into hold, K1R, COL. *Put ndl nearest to carriage into work, K2R.* Repeat until all wrapped ndls are back in work. Take machine out of hold. K1R on all ndls. COR. End of miter. K68R. Put marker on right edge of knitting.  Repeat miter sections. K22R. BO 6 sts on right edge. K10R. BO loosely.
     Click on diagram for larger view or HERE for picture of knitted jacket before seaming.


realsurprise.jpg (93134 bytes)
<---Click HERE to see how to put the sweater together. There are several pictures so it may load slow. 

Hang loops of one cuff edge on machine and K1R at T6 in CC. Transfer to 1x1 rib and K7R at T3. K1R at T10 and BO in rib. Repeat for other cuff.  Fold as shown in picture and sew shoulder seams. 

(The following instructions will give you a scalloped type neck as shown in the pictures.  If you prefer a ribbed neck, knit the bottom and neck bands before you knit the button and buttonhole bands.)

Bottom Band: Hang loops from bottom edge of sweater. K1R T6. Transfer to 1x1 rib. K9R T3, then K1R T10, BO in rib.

Front Left Band: Hang edge loops and K4R at T6 in CC. Place buttonholes (5-7) evenly. K8R. Make buttonholes in your preferred method. K4R. Hang and sew off with double eyed ndl.

Front Right Band: Hang edge loops. K16R. Hang and sew off with double eyed ndl.

Neck Band: With COL, hang neck including top of left front band but not right front band on a number of needles that is divisible by 3.   K1R T6 in CC. COR. Set machine for partial knit. Place all ndls in Hold except 3 ndls nearest the carriage. K4R. *Push next group of 3 ndls into work position. K1R. COL. Pull first group of 3 ndls to Hold. K5R, COR. Push next group of 3 ndls to work. K1R, COL. Pull last group of 3 ndls to Hold.* Repeat * to * until all ndls are knit on, ending with COL. Rehang original loops. K1R, COR. BO loosely around two gate pegs.

Voila!! You are done!  Click HERE to see back and front of finished jacket.


GAUGE: __________ sts per inch          __________ rows per inch

Measurements you will need:  Click HERE for chart.

A: Neck to bottom sweater (less ribbing): _____ inches X _____sts/inch = _____ sts.

B: Chest plus ease divided by 2 = _____ X _____rows/inch= rows

C: 1/2 of back measurement (1/2 of B)=_____rows.

D: Front neck depth _____ inches X _____ rows/inch=_____rows.

E: Half of front neck width _____ inches X _____sts/inch= _____stitches.

F: Armhole measurement divided by 4=_____inches X _____ sts/inch=_____sts. (This measurement is usually 1" for an infant to ~4 to 5" for an adult)

G: Length of arm _____ inches X _____sts/inch=_____sts. (Base of neck to wrist)

H: Front of sweater. 1/2 B - D=_____rows.


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