Tamm Trenzi

Trenzi 4/18 - 90% Acrylic/10% Nylon.  Approx 1 pound cones - 2066 yards per cone.  Suggested knitting tension: 6 on standard gauge.  Machine wash gentle cycle (cool water and mild soap) and dry (low heat).  Fingering weight yarn. Similar but lighter than Cancun. Excellent wear.  Suited for dresses, sweaters and children's clothes.    $22.25/cone    

To shop: 1) put an X in the box beside all the yarns you wish to purchase; 2) change the number in the quantity box if you want more than one cone of any color;  3) click on the "Put these in my cart" button at the bottom of the page.  (If you have a problem shopping, PLEASE email and let me know)

3501 white Qty
3503 strawQty
3504 sand  Qty
3505 gold Qty
3518 off white Qty
3521 camel Qty
3530 lt pink Qty
3531 sugar pink  Qty
3532 dusty pink Qty
3537 fuchsia Qty
3539 persimmon Qty
3540 red Qty
3541 orange  Qty
3543 scarlet Qty
3545 burgundy Qty
3546 maroon Qty
3547 brown  Qty
3550 lilac Qty
3551 lavender Qty
3555 bright purple Qty
3560 aqua Qty
3561 lt blue Qty
3562 med blue Qty
3564 blue grey Qty
3566 dk blue grey Qty
3568 royal blue Qty
3570 navy  Qty
3580 mint Qty
3581 ocean teal  Qty
3582 lt aqua  Qty
3583 med ocean teal  Qty
3585 apple green  Qty
3586 forest green Qty
3587 Xmas green Qty
3588 dark green Qty
3591 lt grey Qty
3593 dk grey Qty
3599 black Qty


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